Chris Bosh.
Lebron James.
Dwayne Wade.

They are all renowned players who always gets into top 15 NBA stars. This year, 2010~2011, the Miami Heats have gained a fearful “Baller Trios”. I believe that this is somewhat of an unfair advantage to the Heats. The heats have the monsters, who will definitely win the championship this year, as we can see in the shows, they are always up on the highlights. As we can infer, Wade and Lebron especially, are doing exceptionally well in both defense and transitional offense. Also, if we look at the score until now, Heats only lost a number of times. Thus, I want to give a Thumbs Up to Mavericks, who are doing SO WELL with Dirk, Kidd, and Terry, and I hope they really devour the Heats in the next two games!

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The Best, but the Abhorred, Lebron James

After the years of hard work in the Calveliers, Lebron has moved to Miami Heats. Lebron can be said to be the hated player in NBA in 2011. This is because of the fact that He moved from his beloved team, just to win a championship. Later in the years, NBA found out that the Calveliers offered more money that the Miami Heats. However, Lebron betrayed his hometown, to win a championship.

It is understandable if his dream was to win the NBA championship. It is a life-long dream, and it can’t be easily achieved. However, it was a little too rash for Lebron to move to Heats, leaving Calveliers devastated. They were where they were because of Lebron James, but because he left, the Cleveland Calveliers did not make it to the first round of the 2011 play-offs. It is quite sad, but Lebron is doing exceptionally well in Miami Heats. As a starting Forward, his teamworks with Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade is absolutely phenomenal. No one would want to admit that Lebron just moved into Heats.

Indeed, Lebron is the “chosen one” as people call it, because he knows what to do at the right time. He is so good at being the Game Runner on the court, as he uses his charisma to change the flow of the game. Also, when the shot clock is running out, the Heats always give the ball to Lebron as he does his magic. At the last 8 seconds, he always stops and contemplates at the top of the key. Than, he makes his move in 4 seconds, and 60% of the time, it is an ‘And-1’. His amazing upper-body strength and talent in basketball is innate.

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ReDirkUlous Player

Dirk Nowitzki. Indeed he is the man of the game every single time. Since the beginning of his career, in the play-offs, his average point-per-game was always over 20. This means that he was always the one under the hoop, holding the team together as an infrastructure of the team. This year, his recognition was different. It seemed as if people were starting to notice him now, as he advanced into becoming the Top Player of each games. As seen recently in the play-offs, the notorious Los Angelas Lakers have lost utterly (4-0) to Dallas Mavericks. Although Kobe, Gasol, Arthur were all there, people pondered “Why couldn’t they win even a single game against the MAVS?”. The answer is simple; It was because of Dirk Nowitzki.

I believe that Dirk Nowitzki was the most CONSISTANT player during 2011 NBA season. If we take a look at his free throw percentage, Dirk Nowitzki is ranked 7th in the League with a 89.2%. As a 7 footer, this is very outstanding. It is very challenging for a center to be this consistant with his free-throws; Dirk is probably the best shooting 7 footer in NBA history. As we look at the shots he made, the shot attempts, and his court vision, he could be picked for one of the top 10 NBA centers in history. One of his highest Points scored was agains Houston, where he scored 53 points single handedly. As a tall center to be this consistant with his jump shots and pull-ups, one needs vigorous training.

When looking at such consistant player, I began to ponder ‘what made him to become such player?’. Than, I started to see Lebron and his eagerness to win the tournament. As most people know, Lebron gave up his popularity for his own desire. It reminds me of Macbeth HAHA. However, Dirk could’ve accepted numerous offers that were very enticing, but he rejected all of them because of his ties to Dallas Mavericks. I sincerely revere such players because sports isn’t all about winning. It is about the happiness and one’s team; not about their own ambitions.

One of Dirk’s favorite move is the fade-away Pull-up. However, I frankly think that these shots are almost impossible to make, when another player is guarding you. However, Dirk does it so well that it looks like it’s not going it, but he always knocks it down. The shots he take cause the audience to gasp, and when it goes in, that moment seems abstract. It looks as if the basketball is attached to the hoop on a string (because ridiculous shots go in). I hope is is voted for the MVP in Mavericks, and win the NBA championship.

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The OKC beats the Grizzlies

Kevin Durant. The man on fire. He was the one who really pushed the OKC to the limit. The fade away jump shots, the 3-point play down were all because of Kevin. He was what caused OKC to win the semi-finals. He scored 39 points. 39.

It wasn’t only Kevin Durant who did the magic. It was also the Infamous RUSSELL WESTBROOK. His Assists and dedication to the team was absolutely fine tuned this night. It can be said that Harden, Westbrook, and Durant are running the team. They are the shinning stars of the OKC. He truly saved the team.

Despite their hard work and dedication, including Top10 shots, I believe sometimes they can be Ball-hogs. It is true that a team has to have a ball-hogger in order to change the rhythm or the tempo of the game. However, Westbrook, as a young roukie, does not know when to score and when to not score. He hogs the ball, and tries to force it into the basket. It is a powerful drive if he makes it during hardships, or during the OKC’s tempo. However, when they were having a hard time against the Grizzlies, It was the worst choice for Westbrook to keep on going through their defend, trying to score “KOBE” shots. He is indeed a great shooter and a driver, but he does not yet have the skills and experience as Lebron does. I believe that Westbrook will become a very good basketball player if he knows how to follow with the flow, and stop taking charge of everything.

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SC II Beta Gateway Units pt.2

Nullifiers (HP:40 MP:200 Shield:40)Nullifiers are a total new group of units. These can be produced right away at Gateways, and they don’t need upgrades to use their powers. These units are very useful and Protoss players HAVE TO HAVE THIS as one of their ground units. These handy horseshoe looking machine are like Mechanical Energy controllers. They have 4 abilities which are air/ground attacks (range is as long as stalkers), Shield, Force fields, and Hallucinations.

Force Fields(MP:50): this skill is one of the best devices that Nullifiers have. This skill can not only block entry ways for a defensive barrier, but also it can trap close-range enemies and attack them with long-range allies. Duration of this skill is about 15 seconds, which is lots of time. However, these fields can’t trap units.

Shields(MP:50): This skill is an awesome skill where Protoss can boost up several defensive points within the Shield Field. Protoss players MUST use this skill whenever having fights, especially on the stalkers. My tip is, include a Nullifier in each group of units

Hallucination(MP: depends on which one): I personally do not like this skill because not only the figure can only last a minuites, but isn’t that effective.

As I said before, Nullifiers also have a long-distance attack range and can attack both air and ground. They attack by shooting laser beams.

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Starcraft 2 Beta Unit (Gateway)pt.1

Grasping the basic concepts and abilities of these basic units may lead to victory. Just like Starcraft I, the gateways units in Starcraft II are very similar. Now Iet’s take a closer look at each of the units.

Zealots(HP:100 MP:0 Shield: 60): Zealots are one of the finest creation that could be made rapidly. All of their abilities are identical from Starcraft I, except for their speed enhancing skills. In Starcraft I, they could have the leg enhancement upgrade from Citel of Adun. This enhancement technique makes zealot move twice as fast! However, In SCII, The enhancement is changed to the name “Charge”. This only affects the zealots when they are near enemy; when they are near, they rush 3~4 times faster than their normal speed towards the enemy and give no mercy.

Stalkers(HP:80 MP:0 Shield:80): Stalkers are another prototyped version of Dragoons. You are not able to upgrade its shooting ranges, nor its speed. However, there’s one very special technique that can be sometimes very fearsome: Blink. This skill that can be researched at the Citel of Adun. This Blink ability can make Stalkers to teleport from one place to another, (nor short nor long). The bad thing is that this ability has a cool time of 10 seconds.


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Heats Overheated?!

The infamous Miami Heats, lead by Lebron, has been finally defeated by the Cavs. However, many people said “Cavs?!” when they saw the score. (102:90) This was a pretty big loss for the Heats, when their win could’ve lead to a bigger reaction. However, with a fine play among Hickson, Parker, Davis, crashed the Heats by 12 points. Hickson, leading the score board with 21 points, had a competition with Parker, with 20 points. Although the game’s basket leader was still Lebron James (27points), Heats couldn’t just comeback to the Cavs who had a crisp team-play.

James’s Ceremony before the game:

As everyone can see, Heats was a little bit too confident before the game. It took everyone’s surprise.

– Highlights –

It was quite an exiting game especially for me, since there were couple of amazing buzzer beaters in the game. Davis had a beautiful buzzer-beater, ignoring two blockers pacing themselves infront of Davis; he finished the first half with a semi-half-court shot. At the end of third quarter, Lebron also goes for a half court shot. It goes in, but he accidentally miscalculates his timing, missing the 4 point with 0.6 seconds.

Bosh also gets DOUBLE STUFFED by Hollins, who smacks it down two times in a row. It was a big shock for both Bosh and Heats; the turnover lead to another point for the Cavs.

Davis also makes an epic throw, which is slammed down by Gee. It was an unexpected attack by Davis and Gee, who showed exceptional combo plays.

It was a sad defeat for the Heats, but the Cavs showed the value of their team.

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